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Need accountability or just not sure which fundamental need you need to focus on right now? Grab a 30 minute 1:1 call with Emily to create custom habit hacks for you!

This 30 minute, 1:1 intensive is perfect if you want to map out a very specific habit strategy together to help you craft a healthy habit plan customized for you and your busy life.

If you’re tired of starting and stopping with your healthy habits (and in all honesty, not feeling like you’re giving your best self to your family and feeling like you’re barely surviving) then this is for you!  

Together, we will create a plan for you for the next 60 days (and have a pivot plan in place for each season of your life!)

  • Identify what fundamental needs you need right now in the season of life you are in and why 
  • Create a habit identity together with your goals in mind and what habits would support that
  • Inventory of your time (free Habit Inventory included for you to use before our call together)
  • Craft a plan using the 3 step habit loop to make your habits work with your life
  • Track over the next 21 days with a email check in every 21 days from me to stack on a new habit (FREE HABIT TRACKER INCLUDED)

BONUS: You get Voxer access to me for those 60 days to help you troubleshoot any challenges that come your way! Plus! You also get recorded video of our intensive together to keep and refer back to.

**After you book your call, you will receive an email with all your downloads included and what you need to do before we meet together. It is vital you do the prep-work before we meet in order to make the most of our intensive together.**

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