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Habit Hacking Masterclass: Time Edition

Habit Hacking Masterclass: Time Edition

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We as women have to do healthy habits differently! There are a lot of internal and external distractions that even with the best intentions, those healthy habits just don’t happen. Not to mention our complicated view of health due to the years of diet culture mentality we have been exposed to.

So where do you find the time to take care of yourself? You need a habit strategy catered toward you–a busy working mom who knows the value of taking care of her health, but just needs a simple system to make the time that won’t feel overwhelming, but rather give you back the energy you need.

That's where the Habit Hacking Masterclass: Time Edition comes in!​

We've brought together the best of the best time and healthy habit experts to give you a streamlined masterclass in a private podcast format (to save you time!) Each lesson will reveal a simple and realistic strategy to make time for your healthy habits in your life. There are only 5 collaborators and myself so it’s not overwhelming and it’s an easy to binge type of podcast series. You’ll learn from each collaborator then easily take action!

  • EPISODE 1: Tips For Making the Most Out of the Habit Hacking Masterclass: Time Edition with your host, Emily Nichols
  • EPISODE 2: Lose the Decision Fatigue! How Identifying Your Core Values Will Help You Make Time For Your Health with Kate House
  • EPISODE 3: Maximize Your Time Based on Your Personality Type with Laurie Palau
  • EPISODE 4:  SuperMom Secrets: Carving Out Time for Self Care and Health & How This Impacts Everything Else in Your Life with Lori Oberbroeckling
  • EPISODE 5: Why Your Top Three of the Day Will Give You The Energy to Get Sh*t Done with Brianne MacKenzie
  • EPISODE 6: Routine Blocks That Include Healthy Habits: The 5 Essential Routines Busy Moms Need to Thrive with Anna Dearmon Kornick
  • EPISODE 7: The Top Food Freedom, Mindset and Movement Time Habit Hacks and How to Hold Yourself Accountable to Take Action with your host, Emily Nichols

BONUS: In addition to the audio masterclass, you'll also receive the digital Ultimate Habit Tracker to track your healthy habits and build momentum and progress towards your healthy habit goals!

**An email will be sent after purchase to download the audio masterclass and access your digital Time Inventory Tracker

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